Talking Late Night

#53: Talking Late Night featuring guest Kristy West, founder of BraveSpace and current improviser

January 31, 2019

On this episode of Talking Late Night, Max talks with Kristy West, founder of BraveSpace and current improviser. Kristy got into performing improv almost two decades ago with Whole World Theatre in Atlanta, GA. From there, she continued studying and performing until she came to a big realization: that the skills she was learning in her improv class were transferrable to her job in Sales and Corporate Training. From there, she blended the improv and business worlds together to create BraveSpace, a business that goes into corporations to offer "live learning programs and creative business solutions for teams and individuals using the methodology of improvisation." In addition to all that, she is currently in the process of creating and opening her very own theatre with her group "The Founders." Want to learn more about BraveSpace and Kristy? You can find them at their website, their Facebook, their Twitter, or their Instagram!

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